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Our speciality covers all legal aspects of an airport including leasing and property and commercial matters. For more than a decade we have been, unashamedly, the “low cost” value-for-money legal provider to a number of regional airports in Queensland.

Our airports law experience has driven us to create Airport Document Solutions and become a Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier for Legal Services.

We have assisted airports successfully transition from government-owned entities to privatised and commercial operations and to: 

  • Better manage their assets by strengthening contracts and concession agreements.
  • Grow significantly through major terminal redevelopment, and the establishment of new low-cost carrier terminal facilities.
  • Acquire adjoining land and existing leasehold interests to facilitate development.


The terminal is both the hub and public face of your airport. For the operators of airports, the terminal offers significant opportunities for commercial activity. We can help with:

  • Retail leasing packages including agreements to lease, licences and disclosure.
  • Desk site licences and leases for car rental operators.
  • Licences for advertising, trolleys, baggage lockers, ATMs and other amenities within the terminal.
  • General advice regarding liquor-licensing issues.
  • Cleaning tenders and contracts.     


We can help you across the board, but here are some examples:

  • General aviation land and building leases or leases of land (with or without development obligations).
  • Ground leases of airport land with major development provisions.
  • Sensitive site leases and licences such as JUHI and fuel storage facilities.
  • Acquisition and disposal of adjoining land.
  • Freight facilities leases, licences and agreements.
  • Easements and other restrictions benefiting and burdening airport land.
  • Agreements with telecommunications companies.


We have experience with both Airline Agreements and Common User and Access Agreements covering:

  • Check in and other common user facilities.
  • CBS and ETD arrangements.
  • Aeronautical charges.
  • Flight scheduling.
  • Co-operative marketing arrangements.

General Aviation & Airport Operations

Nothing is too small!

We can help with just about the full spectrum of activities, including:

  • Security and screening contracts for the Terminal.
  • Leases, licences and other occupancy agreements with statutory bodies such as Airservices Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Apron and GSE licences for airside operators.
  • Implementation of a licensing system for off-airport general aviation business such as skydiving and other recreational GA users.

Ground Transport

We know that an efficient ground transport system is often vital to the commercial success of your airport. For the operators of airports we recognise there is a delicate balance between the need to grant access to ground transport operators with your obligations to exercise control over those carrying out their business at the airport to limit your risk exposure.

We can help with:

  • Implementation of a licensing system for ground transport operators including car rental, bus, limousine and taxi operators.
  • Negotiating contracts for the management of car parks or for the supply and maintenance of car-parking equipment.
  • Preparing conditions of entry for car parks including staff parking.

We operate on a fixed-fee basis for straightforward ground transport transactions.

Our Difference

Our position as Queensland’s leading airport lawyers means that we can offer you:

  • Access to our “Box of Tricks” with Airports Document Solutions

Our experience acting for airports in Queensland has led to us developing a ready-made suite of documents for airport-related property and commercial matters which:

  • display a true understanding of both your business and the business of the tenant.
  • cover the legal and operational issues relevant to airports.
  • have been accepted by tenants and occupiers of airports across Queensland.
  • can be adapted with site-specific issues to suit your airport.
  • Practical advice based on real-world solutions

We don’t just provide your legal options and leave things up in the air for you to make decisions – we go further and analyse those options for you and then offer practical recommendations based on our experience in similar matters.

  • Deal makers not deal breakers

We recognise that the legal answer is not always the real-world solution, and so despite the desire to “win” for you, there are many occasions when it is necessary to consider adopting an alternative position.

  • Industry Contacts

Acting for a number of major regional airports means that we’re across new developments in the industry. You can be sure that if it’s happening at your airport, it’s also happening at an airport we act for. We can leverage that knowledge and experience for your benefit, reducing the time and cost to finalise the deal.

  • Specialist Assistance

For in-house counsel, we understand that the niche area of airports law may not fall within your core area of interest or knowledge. Airport Document Solutions gives you the tools you need to deal with airport-related property and commercial matters.

Our Clients
  • Gold Coast Airport
  • Townsville Airport
  • Mt Isa Airport
  • Rockhampton Airport
  • Whitsunday Coast Airport
  • Longreach Airport
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