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Fares & Costs


We have a no-frills approach to transactional matters such as leasing, and understand that our role is to facilitate and close deals with first-class documents. You can be confident that once the deal is done, from a legal perspective it will be put to bed quickly with minimum fuss.

That approach, and our experience in dealing with both government bodies and tenants common to airports and their lawyers, enables us to offer fixed fees on the majority of standard leasing and operational transactions. Contact us for a full schedule of standard fixed fees and hourly rates.

Our quoted fixed fees do not carry a lot of fat. All we ask is that if the commercial goal posts move, or we encounter a difficult tenant/tenant’s lawyer, then you are prepared to negotiate with us about a reasonable increase in fees.

Additional Services

Apart from excellent advice and service, here are some other ways we can assist you:

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  • Your knowledge partner. We will make sure you and your team are equipped with the information and tools you need to succeed. 
  • Workshops & training. Our education and training arm, Elevista Interactive Learning, runs practical, interactive workshops and seminars throughout the year on the important areas of risk management and insurance. We will send you the details on all workshops and seminars as they are released. Elevista can also tailor training for your staff to run onsite or at a convenient location.