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Commercial Leasing


We support owners, managers and leasing agents in their dealings with the full range of legal issues inherent in the ownership and management of commercial properties.

Matters are attended to quickly and accurately, which means that once a lease is signed or a licence to occupy is entered into our clients can get on with their business without having to worry about tying up the loose ends.

Our team of commercial leasing specialists has experience managing leases for both small and large commercial buildings such as: Toowong Tower, Waterfront Place, Australia Fair Office Tower, 300 Queen Street and 199 George Street. More often than not, we are involved with the owner from the start of the development through to the leasing of the building.

We have built key industry relationships that we can call on to get the deals done, while our size and depth means we can attend to urgent matters in a timely manner.

We offer a complete commercial leasing and management service including advice recommendation and documentation to deal with:

  • Letters of offer.
  • Agreements to lease/lease.
  • Fitout/incentive agreements.
  • Renewals and extensions.
  • Redevelopment.
  • Default/termination.
  • Assignments and sub-leases.
  • Licensing arrangements.
  • Surrenders.

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