Steven Smith

I enjoy designing strategies to bring complex and difficult matters to an early resolution.

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Steven Smith

Special Counsel

Steven Smith is a special counsel in our Insurance & Health team and is based in the Hobart office. 

‘I began my career with a plaintiff law firm managing workers’ compensation and dust diseases matters. I subsequently moved to Darwin where I joined Elston & Gilchrist, which became Hunt & Hunt, where I specialised in workers’ compensation and general liability cases. After becoming a partner in that firm and working as a senior insurance lawyer for some time, I decided to take a break from the law. In 2006, I moved to Hobart and, in 2008, returned to the legal profession when I returned to Hunt & Hunt as a special counsel. I joined Barry.Nilsson. in August 2016. 

Steven currently specialises in:

  • Public liability (involving construction and recovery matters)
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Personal injury.

‘I am particularly interested in construction-related matters because they often require a practical insight into the physical issues that give rise to defects and the complexity of causation issues, while demanding creative strategic management due to the cost of running these claims and the prevalence of uninsured parties.’

Steven also has a great deal of experience in running workers’ compensation matters. He finds it especially rewarding to help employers and insurers manage and resolve claims in a constructive way that minimises ill will. He is also interested in stress-related claims, as well as those involving the need to train workers in new industries.

‘I enjoy designing strategies to bring complex and difficult matters to an early resolution. I also appreciate the practical common sense that claims managers bring to the conduct of litigation, especially when they use each claim as a tool to improve their practices.’

Steven has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours). Currently, he is President of the Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA) (Tasmania).