Laura Sowden
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Laura Sowden

Special Counsel

Laura is a Special Counsel in our Sydney office and is a leading member of the firm’s Employment Practices Liability insurance team.

“What attracted me to Barry.Nilsson. is the firm’s culture and professionalism, projected both externally and within the firm. We communicate outwardly to clients and ensure we are responsive to their needs.”

Laura’s practice represents clients across a range of litigated and advice matters, including:

  • employment
  • discrimination
  • work health and safety

“I enjoy working for a broad range of clients across industries and of different sizes because this keeps us as lawyers on our toes, we need to constantly be asking what each client wants and tailoring our approach for each client. If every client were the same then the work wouldn’t be as interesting or rewarding.”

Laura is a regular presenter to clients, and recently presented a HR Masterclass regarding managing difficult employees. She is also a co-author of Barry.Nilsson.’s EPL.Files.

“I have found that many employment disputes have a deeply personal element, and they are also the kind of disputes that will touch not only one employee, but a whole workplace. The environment is difficult to navigate with a large number of obligations and the potential for reputational damage. Timely commercial advice and problem solving will enable an employer to focus on its core business and succeed.”