Don Leembruggen

The man they call when Brisbane’s powerbrokers run into marital difficulties.

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Don Leembruggen

Managing Director

Don Leembruggen is Managing Director of Barry.Nilsson. In recent years, he has focused on building a national presence for the firm by opening offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

‘I joined Barry.Nilsson. in the early 1980s. I focused on family law, which interested me because it’s primarily about people. I always liked how it enabled me to assist people during a difficult time in their life.’

As a family lawyer, Don specialises in complex property matters and parenting cases. He’s an Accredited Family Law Specialist, as well as a qualified mediator and arbitrator. Recognition of his expertise in family law was demonstrated when he was appointed as Chair of the Queensland Law Society’s Family Law Specialist Accreditation Committee, a role from which he only recently stepped down.

‘I’ve always believed that my strength as a family lawyer lies in my ability to provide pragmatic solutions for clients. I’ve also been practising for over 35 years, which means I’ve seen just about everything. As a result, I’m extremely well-equipped to tailor solutions to the specific needs of my clients.’

‘As Managing Director, I’ve concentrated on creating a national footprint for Barry.Nilsson. A lot of my work has been focused on people because we want to preserve the culture of the firm, which we believe is one of our strongest assets.

‘At Barry.Nilsson, we have no interest in growing for growth’s sake, because it would mean making decisions that aren’t aligned with our values. So, I guess you could say that we’re not interested in building Rome in a day. Instead, we’re focused on finding the right people and giving them the support they need. I should add that I’m particularly enjoying the mentoring side of my work as Managing Director. I’m excited by the quality of talent we’re attracting to the firm.

‘When push comes to shove, I think what distinguishes Barry.Nilsson. from other firms is that we cherish our clients. After all, they can be hard to come by and, once you get them, you don’t want to lose them. We’re also patient. We know that it takes time to build something and we’re quite happy to take the time needed.’



  • Member, Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA)
  • Member, Family Law Society
  • Member, Australian Institute of Australian Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM)
  • Member, Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia
  • Former Chair, Queensland Law Society Family Law Specialist Accreditation Advisory Committee


  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Juris Doctor