Entries open for Young Insurance Professionals Award 2021 Entries open for Young Insurance Professionals Award 2021

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Entries open for Young Insurance Professionals Award 2021

Aspiring insurance professionals with a keen interest in contemporary issues affecting the insurance market are encouraged to apply for the annual YIPs Barry.Nilsson. Next Gen Insurance Leader 2021 Awards.

An initiative of national law firm, Barry.Nilsson. and Young Insurance Professionals this award seeks to encourage and support the career development of young insurance professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The award’s 2020 recipient, Simon Bogli, said the program was an amazing experience which connected him with the national insurance industry.

“This award made a huge difference to me by giving me the confidence to seek out mentors and opportunities to learn and develop my skills," said Mr Bogli.

“Insurance is such an exciting field to work in as it touches on so many areas of day-to-day life. The diversity of experiences that you come across and learn from is possibly unparalleled in professional life.”

Barry.Nilsson. spokesperson Hubert Wajszel said the awards aimed to help develop young insurance professionals by challenging their literary skills, research methods and innovative problem solving.

“It is very exciting to announce this year’s Next Gen Insurance Leader Award after a challenging year for the sector, within the context of a global pandemic,” said Mr Wajszel.

“We are interested to see this year’s submissions and some creative approaches to some very relevant threats and opportunities facing the industry.”

YIPs spokesman Jackson McDonald said participation in the Next Gen Award offered valuable exposure in front of prominent industry figures and a strong professional development opportunity.

“With much of Australia working from home or in lockdown, a number of the topics are very timely so I expect entrants will easily be able to relate to the topics, and we will get to see some very creative approaches to conventional ideologies and issues.”

To be eligible, entrants must be 35 or younger, or have less than five years’ experience in the insurance industry, and be a member of YIPs. The winner will receive $5000.

To be in the running, individuals must submit a 2000-word written essay exploring one of six topics including:

  • Disruptors: Multiple industries have seen disruptors – Tesla in the automotive sector, Uber in the transport sector and Airbnb in the Hospitality sector. What is the next disruptor for the Insurance industry?
  • Globalisation: What long- and short-term impacts has COVID-19 brought on a world heavily reliant on globalisation and ‘commerce without borders’?
  • Legal Litigation: Is Australian society becoming more litigious? What are the potential impacts on insurance and everyday life in an increasingly litigious culture?
  • Proactivity vs Reactivity: In times of such uncertainty, how can the insurance industry ensure it is proactive to external threats and opportunities?
  • Talent Development in the Insurance Industry: How can the Insurance industry attract, recruit, develop and maintain young talent?
  • Work Environment: In the wake of COVID-19 and businesses returning to work, how has our work environment changed for the better or worse? How can the new expectations of employees be managed to ensure teams still perform?

Winners will be determined by an independent panel of six judges and announced at the annual awards ceremony on 26 August 2021. Submissions close on 8 August 2021.

For more information contact Sally Cuskelly on 07 3231 6180 or sally.cuskelly@bnlaw.com.au

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