Barry.Nilsson. receives 47 listings in Best Lawyers 2021 Barry.Nilsson. receives 47 listings in Best Lawyers 2021

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Barry.Nilsson. receives 47 listings in Best Lawyers 2021

Barry.Nilsson. has received record-breaking recognition in the 2021 edition of the Best Lawyers guide, with 47 individual listings across Insurance & Health and Family Law categories  including 19 new listings.

Special recognition goes to BN Principal Toby Barrie, who has been named a Lawyer of the Year for Insurance Law in Perth. Several lawyers have also been recognised for securing five consecutive years in the guide, including Fiona Sennett, Jordan Farr, Megan Daniel, Megan O’Rourke, Peter Murdoch, Rhett Kennedy and Toby Barrie.

Those recognised in the 2021 edition of Best Lawyers, includes:

Insurance & Health

Name Category
Andrew Hilditch​​ Insurance Law, Adelaide
Bianca Ponting* Insurance Law, Brisbane
Belinda Randall Insurance Law, Perth
Bronwyn Ackland Insurance Law, Adelaide
Carolyn Coventry Insurance Law, Sydney
Colby Treasure* Insurance Law, Perth
Damian Clancy* Insurance Law, Melbourne
Daniel McCormack* Insurance Law, Brisbane
David Kerwin Professional Malpractice Litigation, Brisbane
Fiona Brady* Insurance Law, Adelaide
Fiona Sennett Insurance Law, Brisbane
Gillian Sheppard Insurance Law, Brisbane
Hannah Savins* Insurance Law, Brisbane
Janine Clark* Insurance Law, Brisbane
Jordan Farr Insurance Law, Brisbane
Lisa Hulcombe Insurance Law, Brisbane
Megan Daniel Insurance Law, Brisbane
Megan O'Rourke Insurance Law, Brisbane
Melanie Quixley Insurance Law, Brisbane
Melanie Quixley  Personal Injury Litigation, Brisbane
Melanie Quixley Product Liability Litigation, Brisbane
Melinda Drew  Insurance Law, Sydney
Meredith Jacobs Insurance Law, Brisbane
Michael Fotheringham Insurance Law, Adelaide
Peter Ewin  Insurance Law, Melbourne
Peter Murdoch Insurance Law, Brisbane
Rhett Kennedy Insurance Law, Brisbane
Robert Samut Insurance Law, Brisbane
Rosalind Gilsenan Insurance Law, Melbourne
Samantha Pillay Insurance Law, Brisbane
Scott Shelly Insurance Law, Melbourne
Simon Black Insurance Law, Sydney
Stewart Boland Insurance Law, Brisbane
Sue Myers  Insurance Law, Brisbane
Toby Barrie Class Action Litigation, Perth
Toby Barrie Insurance Law, Perth
Toby Barrie Litigation, Perth

Family Law

Name Category
Amelia Beveridge* Family Law, Melbourne
Don Leembruggen* Family Law, Brisbane
Geoff Sinclair Family Law, Brisbane
Geoff Sinclair Family Law Mediation, Brisbane
James Steel Family Law, Brisbane
Kirstie Colls Family Law, Brisbane
Kirstie Colls Family Law Mediation, Brisbane
Lana Davey* Family Law, Melbourne
Liz Langford-Ely* Family Law, Brisbane
Liz Langford-Ely Family Law Mediation, Brisbane
Marie Dore* Family Law, Brisbane
Rachael Ellerton* Family Law, Melbourne
Scott Wedgwood Family Law, Brisbane
Scott Wedgwood Family Law Mediation, Brisbane
Thea Davies Family Law, Brisbane
Will Stidston* Family Law, Melbourne

* = New Listing!

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