Closing the gaps: when are 'professionals' covered? Closing the gaps: when are 'professionals' covered?

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Closing the gaps: when are 'professionals' covered?

More and more people are holding themselves out as ‘professionals’ these days. But are they, and their activities, really ‘professional’ in an insurance context?

What qualifies as a ‘professional service’ and how does this label impact an insured’s coverage when their conduct causes third party loss?

This workshop explores the insurance difficulties that can arise when multiple policies refer to ‘professional’ activities. Discover the legal principles that dictate who is a ‘professional’, explore the potential gaps and overlaps in policy coverage this can create, and apply the practical lessons from the latest court cases which have considered this term in different policy contexts.


  • Brisbane | 16 November 2017
  • Sydney | 22 November 2017
  • Melbourne | 23 November 2017


Insuring 'professionals' for third party risks

  • The purpose of different policy products when it comes to professional risks.
  • What are the unintended gaps in cover?
  • Typical third party coverage and exclusion terms explored.

Am I a 'professional'? 

  • How do you know whether an insured is a ‘professional’
    in the context of their insurance?
  • Three key issues to know.
  • Lessons from the latest court cases explained and applied.

Insuring vs. exclusion terms: how to identify potential policy issues

  • Insuring ‘professional’ activities vs. excluding them: is there a difference in context and approach?
  • How to understand these terms: important policy interpretation principles explained.
  • Examples from liability, professional indemnity and management liability policies tested and examined.

Considering indemnity: do any policies respond?

  • Which policy applies in various case scenarios?
  • How do I argue my case?
  • Dual insurance considerations and how to maximise coverage benefits.

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