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Our experience sets us apart from our competitors.

In a lot of firms, workers’ compensation matters get allocated to junior solicitors who simply follow a process. This becomes an issue when there are broader business concerns at play than the claim itself, where the medical evidence is complicated or you’re dealing with an inconclusive diagnosis. When running workers’ compensation matters, we always ensure that the work is undertaken and supervised by lawyers with the appropriate experience.


We specialise in advising in respect of all aspects of statutory claims, and in defending common law workers’ compensation claims.

We can also advise on:

  • Reviews and appeals
  • Cases involving complex medical issues
  • Rehabilitation strategies
  • Recovery claims
  • Industrial relations issues that arise for injured workers
  • Workplace health and safety issues, including risk management, investigations and prosecutions
  • Employment practices liability (EPL).

We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses, so that our advice is aligned with their objectives.

We adopt a holistic approach to managing claims, which involves examining any employment, safety, contractual and rehabilitation issues that arise. This enables us to look at the case from multiple angles, and to design an effective strategy for resolving the matter with the best overall outcome for the employer and the worker.

We are well equipped to defend and manage workers’ compensation and related claims on behalf of:

  • Self-insured employers
  • Insurers
  • Employers.

Whether you need assistance with a minor query relating to the management of a statutory compensation claim, or with defending a complex common law matter, we can help.


When working with clients, we are always focused on assisting in the effective and economic management of claims. If possible, we avoid protracted litigation because we’re aware that it is usually better from a commercial perspective to reach a solution via alternative dispute resolution.

For example, in jurisdictions where it is appropriate, if we have a case where the statutory claim has been finalised and a common law claim is inevitable, we will move promptly to start informal negotiations before the pre-proceedings process commences. This is likely to obtain a better result for the client and will often go hand in hand with a return-to-work outcome.

We have a reputation for coming up with out-of-the box solutions. One of the reasons we are highly regarded for our work in this area is because we come up with out-of-the-box solutions to claims.

For example, in a high percentage of workers’ compensation claims, the parties want a good outcome for both the employee and the employer. This may involve focusing on the issue of rehabilitation options and coming up with the best solution in the circumstances.

In some cases, the best solutions come from thinking laterally. In others, they come from drawing on our experience with other clients, which is something our clients tell us they value.

If it is necessary to litigate, we’re strategic and assertive in our approach. This means we collaborate closely with you to develop a litigation strategy that will get the best result for you from both a legal and a commercial perspective.

We are also very thorough and have an attention detail so we cover all the possible issues in the case because we know it is crucial to be in the best possible position to achieve a successful outcome for you.


Workers’ compensation is an area of law that changes rapidly.

For that reason, we run practical and informative educational seminars for clients, which are attended by claims officers, rehabilitation officers, safety officers and human resources professionals.  These seminars will give you the tools you need to manage workers’ compensation claims and surrounding issues both efficiently and effectively.

Our lawyers have run half-day masterclasses and full-day conferences on workers’ compensation issues with a range of themes, including:

  • Leadership, rehabilitation and outcome management for injured workers
  • Linking claims management and injury management to achieve sustainable outcomes
  • Rehabilitating the legal system
  • Resolving industrial relations issues for injured workers.
  • Workers’ compensation and the common law
  • Asbestos claims and litigation

In addition, they can assist if you need training for your people in workplace health and safety or EPL.

Alternatively, we can also tailor in-house training programs on workers’ compensation and related issues specifically for your organisation.

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