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BN is at the forefront of emerging risks, with a first-to-market approach to sharing our expertise on new insurance products, legal developments and risks. Through our training and education arm, we have elevated the knowledge of thousands of insurance, broking and risk management professionals through in-house training, public workshops and webinars.  

We explore complex insurance-related issues in a way that ensures you get a proper understanding of the internal mechanics of the topic. Even more importantly, every session is interactive, so you will benefit not just from our insights but from everyone’s experiences. Plus, you can earn your professional development points!

Our team of facilitators, who are all experienced insurance lawyers with a passion and talent for teaching, will make your learning process informative, practical and enjoyable. 

To find our more or book your next training session, shoot us an email.

In-House Training

Every year, we conduct in-house training events for a wide range of insurers, brokers and commercial businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

We specialise in designing, building and facilitating in-house training and conference presentations on insurance and risk issues. So, whether you need a small group workshop, a series of webinars or a large conference presentation, we will work closely with you to ensure that the event we create addresses your specific educational needs.

Public Workshops

Our public program of events is conducted across Australia throughout the year, with classes typically limited to 25-30 students to maximise your personal learning experience. 

We specialise in delivering energising and highly informative training that encourages you to engage in the process and interact with the rest of the group.

Using the latest legal, insurance and commercial information available, our scenario-driven workshops provide a unique opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of insurance-related issues, which are often complex.

You will also learn why, how and when to apply the key legal principles involved.

Web-Bytes Webinars

Web-Bytes is a unique series of lunchtime webinars that we’ve designed specifically for the busy insurance professional. Our webinars provide you with an easy and inexpensive way to earn, learn and discern: as you discuss, interact and analyse important insurance and risk topics from the comfort of your own desk.

Web-Bytes are live, so you always have the opportunity to discuss and clarify the topic online with our facilitator in real time. 

We also ensure each webinar allows you to interact with, and analyse, the material being discussed, either via a chat box or through participation in online polling and other online activities.

What our clients say
  • “The facilitator was excellent as she took the time to explain in simple language so that we could understand. Her pace of delivery was also fantastic.” 
    Attendee feedback, Web-Bytes Webinar
  • “In my 19 years of insurance I’ve never attended a contract training as comprehensive or engaging as this. I finally feel like I get it!”
    Adrian Johns, Arthur J. Gallagher
  • “Provided tools to have a more meaningful discussion with clients.”
    Attendee feedback, Contract Reviews In-House training for Arthur J. Gallagher
  • “Training was done in an excellent, interactive and relevant format.”
    Attendee feedback, Liability Awareness Training Series IAG
  • “Excellent presentation in laymen's terms for both claims people and also underwriters.
    Attendee feedback, Liability Awareness Training Series for IAG
  • “Clearly explained the risk attached to labour hire and provided many great tips and strategies.”
    Attendee feedback, Liability Awareness Training Series for IAG
  • “I now have a much better understanding of section 54 and how I consider this in my day to day underwriting.” 
    Attendee feedback, 'Inside Section 54' workshop
  • “The workshop materials are always so helpful – thank you.”
    Attendee feedback, 'Understanding Contractor Liability Risks' workshop
  • “Comprehensive explanations of how principles apply to everyday work.”
    Attendee feedback, 'Are Additional Parties ‘Insureds'?' workshop
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