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Intellectual Property

In a progressively connected and globalised world, and as we move further towards service and knowledge economies, defending your intellectual property is becoming increasingly important and complex, whether through management liability, D&O or IP specific policies. The larger investment in research, development and branding required to develop new products has emphasised the need to quickly and efficiently resolve claims to protect your business and its intellectual property. Our dedicated team of lawyers are committed to providing advice and solutions for all types of intellectual property matters. 

We have assisted clients with defending ownership of their assets using patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing agreements, and more. In addition, we have experience defending clients who have had copyright infringement claims brought against them.

Our lawyers also have a thorough awareness of developments in the cyber liability space and, in particular, developments in relation to data privacy and protection. We are intimately aware of the vectors underpinning business interruption, intellectual property theft and cyber-extortion claims.

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