Defamation Defamation


Defamation occurs when a statement is made that tends to diminish someone’s reputation. A defamatory statement may also subject the victim to hatred and ridicule through libel or slander.

Defamation cases are often complex and charged with emotion.

Social media can be a hotspot for defamation because information can be shared quickly across an enormous network of people.


Do you need access to lawyers with expertise in defamation claims?

At Barry.Nilsson., we regularly defend insureds involved in high-profile defamation cases.

Our lawyers take a sensitive and commercial approach to defamation cases. We have defended defamation cases across Australia.

In most cases, we use alternative dispute resolution tools, such as mediation and conciliation, to resolve matters before they spiral out of control.


How does defamation fit in with financial lines insurance?

Professional indemnity and directors’ and officers’ (D&O) insurance policies may provide coverage against defamation claims.

In other cases, insurers will offer ‘standalone’ defamation insurance policies.

Defamation insurance usually covers an organisation for the costs of damages successfully awarded against them and for legal expenses incurred in defending any actions.

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