How green is your shopping centre? How green is your shopping centre?

How green is your shopping centre?

10 June 2010 | General
Shopping centres are responsible for the consumption of approximately half the energy used in the commercial property sector nationally. This equates to approximately 4 to 5% of the national energy use annually.

In response to this, the Commonwealth Government launched the NABERS Retail rating tool on 1 December 2009. The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is a standard, national, performance-based environmental rating tool which measures the operational impact of a building on the environment. The NABERS Retail rating tool enables the performance of shopping centres to be compared.

The NABERS Retail rating tool only applies to shopping centres which have a gross lettable area retail (GLAR) of at least 15,000m2. The rating tool only applies to the base building services for shopping centres so that:
  • energy used by tenants for light and power; and
  • services provided by a major tenant such as air conditioning; and
  • non-retail activities occurring within the shopping centre,
are excluded when determining a shopping centre’s rating.

The NABERS Retail rating is calculated using data provided by the owner of the shopping centre. An assessor performs an on-site inspection to verify the information provided. The NABERS Retail rating is valid for a 12 month period. An annual review is to be undertaken to verify that the rating remains an accurate reflection of the shopping centre’s current operational performance.

At this stage, the use of the NABERS Retail rating is voluntary. However, a NABERS Retail regulation is being considered by to the Commonwealth Government’s National Strategy on Energy Efficiency. As we mentioned last month, a mandatory NABERS disclosure regulation for office buildings will commence in 2010. Consideration is being given to introducing a similar mandatory disclosure scheme for shopping centres in 2012. We expect that such a mandatory disclosure scheme would require all sale, lease and advertising documentation to disclose a valid NABERS Retail rating.
Cameron Graham

Cameron Graham