Now that's a Health Care System Now that's a Health Care System

Now that's a Health Care System

9 November 2011 | Health Sector

Queensland. Beautiful one day. The Courier Mail running a story on the problems with our public health care system the next. Clearly Queensland is not alone when it comes to health care controversy, with similar problems existing to varying degrees in other Australian States and Territories. And all of this in a country with a population of just over 22 million people. How would we fare if we had five times, or fifty five times more people to look after.

The Chinese health care system is overseen by the Ministry of Health, and provides care for more than 1.25billion people, all of whom are covered by basic health insurance. Most (around 835 million) people participate in rural cooperative medical care. China’s total health expenditure accounted for 5.28% of GDP in 2010 (US $304.48billion).

We suspect that Qld Health still has more media contacts and public affairs people than China’s Ministry of Health.

Article by Robert Samut, Partner.

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