Consent orders Consent orders

Consent orders

Parties can file a consent order which is a written agreement that is approved by the Family Court in relation to children’s issues. Consent orders can deal with parenting arrangements between parties for children (also known as a parenting order).

Parties to a consent order will be bound as if the order had been made by a judge following a court hearing. Parties can apply for consent orders without the need to “go to court”.

What can be included in a consent order?

The agreement submitted to the Family Court by consent may cover one of the following:

  • How the parents share parenting responsibility for the child or children.
  • Who the child or children should live with.
  • The time the child or children should spend with each parent and other people (for example grandparents).
  • Any communication the child or children will have with their parents or other people that they do not live with.
  • Any other aspect of the care, welfare or development of the children or parenting responsibility for the children.

Prior to approving consent orders, the Family Court must be satisfied that the orders the parents have agreed to are in the best interests of the children.

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