What we offer What we offer

What we offer

Our team enjoys:

  • realistic workloads/achievable budgets.
  • progressive career paths.
  • appropriate structured mentoring.
  • competitive remuneration with annual reviews.
  • continuing training, education and development.
  • an enjoyable workplace.
  • Work/life balance.

Some detailed examples of benefits offered to team members are:

  • Staff enjoy a 9 ½ day fortnight. Each full-time team member works a half day every second Friday whilst still receiving full pay.
  • We have an accessible career progression policy for lawyers that seeks to provide a satisfying career path for progression within the firm.
  • We offer flexible working arrangements. Family commitments, study and other interests can make it difficult for some people to commit to “normal” working hours. We always accommodate the lifestyle needs of employees to the best of our ability and negotiate alternative arrangements on an individual basis.
  • A mentor is provided for all new staff to assist them to settle in - plus we have an ongoing formal mentoring structure in place for lawyers to guarantee their professional development.
  • Lawyers are given the day-to-day conduct of files under the supervision of a partner or senior associate. This enables them to get hands-on experience.
  • We give and receive feedback through formal and informal review processes including staff surveys and 360 degree performance reviews.
  • We provide regular in-house CLE sessions and encourage our professional team members to attend and present at external seminars with other legal and industry professionals.
  • Client contact is not limited to partners and senior associates. It’s important that our clients can put a face to the name, irrespective of the level of team member they are dealing with.
  • We recognise the importance of socialising with colleagues and having fun at the same time. The firm runs a social club, sporting teams plus there are regular opportunities to socialise whilst in the office such as monthly birthday morning teas and fortnightly team morning teas.
  • We have an employee-assistance program which entitles all staff to four free counselling sessions per year.
  • We have an “open-door” policy and staff are encouraged to ask for guidance and assistance from other employees.
  • All team members are permitted to wear “business casual” clothes every Friday.
  • We are committed to providing an environment with the best resources available including investing in IT systems.
  • Our specialist legal services are offered to all staff on a discounted basis.