Barry.Nilsson. announced its two year charitable partnership with Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental Cadets Program (JIME) in October 2019.

JIME is a grassroots charity offering a diversified and alternative education program to Indigenous students in Australia. Its primary goal is to break the cycle of dependency by educating students about long-term sustainability to preserve and protect their local waterways through cadetships. Through these cadetships, students gain valuable experience often translating into a job after graduation.

The program offers a combined educational offering of secondary and tertiary education, as well as industry placement, with JIME covering cadets’ weekly salaries throughout years 11 and 12. To be eligible for the program, students are required to maintain a 90% school attendance rate. Of the final year cadets in 2017, 100% achieved graduation, a considerable achievement when compared to the national graduation average for Indigenous students of 25.3% for TAFE and 65.3% for HSC courses.

In just three years the program expanded from six cadets in the Tiwi Islands to over 50 cadets in Queensland and New South Wales.

  • In 2017 six cadets began working in the marine industry in the Tiwi Islands
  • In 2018 three new cadets joined the program in Cairns
  • 2020 began with 50 cadets, across areas such as Milikapati, Pirlangimpi, Pickataramoor, Wadeye, Cairns, Thursday Island, Bamaga, Cooktown, Wujal Wujal and Sydney.

The JIME program does not receive government funding so relies on the generosity of good people and organisations who want to see transparent results and value for the money invested into Indigenous programs. Through our partnership, the firm will help raise awareness and funds through events, staff giving initiatives and in-kind donations. We have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $200,000 over two years to help JIME expand their program nationally. BN is proud to be a major supporter of JIME and we’re excited to be part of the journey for Indigenous Australian students.

JIME was established by Guy Reynolds (philanthropist and the Macquarie Group’s Executive Director) and Matthew Hayden AM (former Australian cricketer). Guy and Matthew are the founders of the former Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Project, a program directed towards addressing the debilitating youth suicide rate on the Tiwi Islands. The project ran for 10 years and raised $4 million in donations before being handed over to the Tiwi Land Council in October 2018. JIME is Guy and Matthew’s latest philanthropic endeavour.

Find out more about this exciting program at jimecadets.com.au