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  1. Land tax changes in Queensland - effective 30 June 2019

    24 July 2019 | Real Estate and Commercial Law

    LAND TAX CHANGES IN QUEENSLAND effective 30 June 2019 ENTITY LANDHOLDINGS BEFORE NOW INDIVIDUAL - general > $600,000 No change INDIVIDUAL absentee surcharge - citizen/permanent resident > $350,000 1.5% surcharge 0% surcharge INDIVIDUAL absentee...

  2. No more paper certificates of title from 1 October 2019

    17 April 2019 | Real Estate and Commercial Law

    Do you have a paper certificate of title for your property? Only about 11% of owners do. If you are part of the 11%, be warned – paper certificates of title will become worthless on 1 October 2019. What are the changes? Amendments to the Land Title...

  3. Queensland's new waste levy could have you throwing money away

    16 April 2019 | Real Estate and Commercial Law

    With the Waste Reduction and Recycling (Waste Levy) Amendment Act 2019 receiving royal assent on 21 February 2019, Queensland’s new waste levy is officially going live on 1 July 2019. The Act imposes the levy on operators of waste disposal...

  4. Human Rights Act for Queensland

    6 March 2019 | Real Estate and Commercial Law

    It’s official! Queensland has now joined Victoria and the ACT with its own legislation protecting human rights. The Act introduces protection for 23 human rights including recognition and equality before the law, freedom of expression, protection of...

  5. Selling or buying a joint interest? 12 clauses to regulate the transfer of your joint ownership

    19 June 2018 | Real Estate and Commercial Law

    Whether you're selling to or buying from another joint owner, or selling to a third party, there are a number of clauses you can use to regulate the transfer of a joint owner's interest. Click the image below to read more.

  6. Disclaimers – they won’t necessarily stop a claim

    31 May 2018 | Real Estate and Commercial Law

    There are a number of misconceptions out there about how disclaimers apply in practice. Yes, disclaimers sound good, but the courts have made it clear that a disclaimer as to the accuracy or otherwise of information or a representation will not be enough...

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