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  1. CTP.Files | November 2018

    6 November 2018 | Insurance & Health Law
  2. CTP.Files | July 2018

    31 July 2018 | Insurance & Health Law
  3. CTP.Files | March 2018

    22 March 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    In this edition of CTP.Files we provide a snapshot of the big ticket changes in the new Motor Accident Injury Act 2017 (NSW) which sets up an entirely new system for claims relating to persons injured in motor vehicle accidents in New South Wales. We also...

  4. CTP.Files | June 2017

    15 June 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    In this edition of CTP.Files, our B.N. authors have raised plenty of interesting issues and cases from the current (what constitutes the ‘driving’ of a vehicle), to the future (the likely impact of automated vehicles on CTP insurers). In...

  5. CTP.Files | April 2017

    6 April 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    This bimonthly CTP.Files eNews will track the more important things happening around the country in the world of CTP claims. In this edition we take a look at some legislative changes - the recent passing of the Motor Accident Injury Bill 2017 for example...