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  1. Sexual harassment training an ongoing process

    4 March 2019 | Insurance & Health Law

    This is a transcript of BN Special Counsel Corrina Dowling’s editorial that ran in the Weekend Australian on 2 March 2019. I’ve seen them. I’ve written them. They generally start with something along the lines of, “Company X does...

  2. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to discrimination

    20 February 2019 | Insurance & Health Law

    Under anti-discrimination legislation, it is irrelevant that a person is unaware that their conduct is discriminatory and/or unfavourable. So too is the person’s motive. This means that a comment, flippantly made or ill-considered, can have...

  3. Work Health & Safety Update – Director imprisoned and $1M fine ordered under Qld legislation

    19 February 2019 | Insurance & Health Law

    On 6 February 2019, the Maroochydore District Court handed down Queensland’s first Category 1 prosecution under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Sunshine Coast company director, Gary Lavin, and his company, Multi-Run Roofing, were charged with...

  4. Employer’s texts “back to the dole que for you” and “please don’t come in tmz” did not constitute dismissal

    12 December 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    The central issue to be determined in this case was whether the Applicant's employment with the Respondent was terminated at the Respondent's initiative. The Respondent denied the Applicant's employment had been terminated and alleged the...

  5. Work available. Must be open to sexual harassment. Apply within.

    12 December 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    A female employee has been awarded $10,000 for hurt, humiliation and distress after making a complaint about sexual harassment. The employee was advised by a staff member reviewing her complaint that unwanted attention should be expected in a...

  6. FWC upholds dismissal of glass-throwing employee at work Christmas party

    12 December 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Fair Work Commission made a significant decision on out-of -hours conduct in finding that ALDI had a valid reason to dismiss an employee for throwing a full glass of beer over the heads of other employees at a work Christmas function. In Issue Was...

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