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  1. Slip time slip up: a fair dismissal

    11 September 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Fair Work Commission confirms that employers of workers in safety critical industries such as the airline industry may dismiss workers whose conduct out of working hours impairs the worker's ability to safely perform their working duties. In Issue...

  2. Unfair dismissal claim fails despite flaw in dismissal procedural

    11 September 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    An employee was dismissed after providing intentionally false information on his CV regarding the duration of his previous employment. The employee's conduct outweighed the employer's failure to provide a sufficient opportunity to respond to the...

  3. Assumption a costly mistake

    11 September 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    An employer has been ordered to pay $20,000 under anti-discrimination laws to an employee that was forced to take sick leave when her employer grew concerned about her mental health after the employee raised a number of conspiracy theories with her...

  4. Workplace bullying, or a little wine amongst colleagues?

    11 September 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    In deciding not to make an Order to stop bullying, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) carefully considered the boundary between work and personal relationships. In this case, the FWC found that the comments made by the Respondent in relation to the...

  5. No breach of duty leads to teacher’s reinstatement

    11 September 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Fair Work Commission has reinstated a teacher after finding that she was unfairly dismissed for providing a chocolate bar to a student with known food allergies during a class birthday celebration. In Issue Was the teacher’s summary dismissal...

  6. New labour hire laws and licencing requirements in Australia

    22 June 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    Legislation has recently been passed in Queensland and South Australia that will affect labour hire companies and businesses that use the services of labour hire companies. This legislation will not only affect businesses based in these two States, but it...

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