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  1. Proportionate liability: proposed reforms

    29 September 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    In 2007, following a number of decisions involving various states’ proportionate liability schemes, various the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) began to take another look at the proportionate liability statutory regimes because of concerns.

  2. Proportionate liability: implications for professionals and professional indemnity insurance

    29 September 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    The benefits of proportionate liability for professionals and insurers The introduction of the proportionate liability schemes by the Commonwealth and the various states has made life easier for both insurers and professionals, as the risk of litigation..

  3. Proportionate liability: a case in point

    29 September 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    Dual Homes v Moores Legal Pty Ltd & Pilley McKeller Pty Ltd [2016] VSC 86 The facts In this Supreme Court of Victoria case, a solicitor failed to advise a company appropriately in relation to the consequences of not complying with two statutory...

  4. Proportionate liability: how it operates

    29 September 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    The proportionate liability legislative framework As a result of the Ipp Report, the Commonwealth Government, along with the states and territories, introduced proportionate liability legislative schemes. While each statute differs (some significantly),..

  5. Proportionate liability: how it came about

    29 September 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    The courts identify a problem with the system of joint and several liability [A] well insured defendant, who may perhaps be responsible for only a minor fault in comparison with the fault of other persons, may nonetheless be made liable, at least in the..

  6. A Duty of Care and The Broker

    11 May 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    The traditional role of an insurance broker is well known. Simply put, a broker acts as a professional adviser to insureds, or parties seeking insurance. They apply their experience and knowledge of the insurance market and insurance practice to assist...

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