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  1. Side-C premium movements

    18 December 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    After many years of ‘soft market’ conditions, the 2017 D&O market in Australia has shown increasing wariness in underwriting side-C cover, with some insurers no longer providing terms, or many remaining active, seeking to impose...

  2. The scope of policy exclusions considered from across the ditch

    15 December 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    An issue that can commonly arise under D&O policies is whether the acts of the directors or officers that are the subject of claims constitute professional services and are excluded under a professional services exclusion in the D&O policy, or are

  3. A warning shot fired at Financial Services Licenses regarding the best interest and appropriate advice duties

    14 December 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) v Golden Financial Group Pty Ltd (No 2) [2017] FCA 1267 After much anticipation and for the first time, the best interest and appropriate advice duties under the new Part 7.7A of the Corporations Act.

  4. The $50 million question - the importance of clearly drafted policies of insurance

    14 December 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    A major source of disputes between insurers and their insureds is the proper interpretation to be given to policies of insurance. More often than not these disputes arise because the relevant policy wording is unclear, lending itself to more than one...

  5. Top 10 Potential Coverage Issues for the Banks Royal Commission

    14 December 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Federal Government has, some might say kicking and screaming along the way, agreed to establish the long awaited ‘Banks Royal Commission’ with Mr Kenneth Hayne, former High Court judge, appointed as Commissioner. Armed with $75 million in.

  6. Proportionate liability: proposed reforms

    29 September 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    In 2007, following a number of decisions involving various states’ proportionate liability schemes, various the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) began to take another look at the proportionate liability statutory regimes because of concerns.

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