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  1. Vaccination, Vacillation, and Exemption: What should General Practitioners do with vaccine hesitant patients?

    18 October 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Victorian Government’s mandating of COVID-19 vaccinations for all ‘authorised employees’ has seen an increase in requests for medical exemptions from general practitioners. In this article, we discuss the relevant considerations of general practitioners in managing patients’ requests for...

  2. Voluntary Assisted Dying in Australia: What you need to know

    7 October 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The latest piece of end-of-life legislation passed Australian State parliament this month, with Queensland’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act being made accessible to eligible Queenslanders from 2023. This is now the fifth Australian state to pass legislation in this area.

  3. Overprotected?! How would Britney’s conservatorship hold up in Queensland?

    7 September 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    Most people will be familiar with the very public rise and fall of pop icon, Britney Spears. We all witnessed the headlines that followed Britney’s journey as she transformed from the world’s inaugural and most Googled pop princess, to a young...

  4. Hold your horses: NSWCA reins in CLA s5O defence

    5 July 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The New South Wales Court of Appeal (Court) has overturned an earlier finding that a Sydney hospital, when treating a patient suffering shoulder injury resulting from a horse bite, acted in accordance with peer professional opinion. The Hospital was therefore unable to rely on the defence under s5O...

  5. Episode 18: The COVID-19 Vaccination with Dr Lai Heng Foong

    18 May 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    As we continue to witness the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, especially across countries like the UK, the US and of course, the devastating effect its having on India, the development and implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination has...

  6. Episode 17: COVID, mental health and the rise of telehealth with Dr Erika Penney

    14 December 2020 | Insurance & Health Law

    If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of having the necessary infrastructure in place to allow us the ability to pick up the phone and get the health and medical assistance we require. This includes mental health support....

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