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  1. (Not) Testing 1, 2, (Not) Testing

    9 August 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    Hot on the heels of the recent Building Appeals Board of Victoria decision that we covered here, the Supreme Court of New South Wales confirms that despite the NSW Fair Trading ban on Aluminium Composite panels (ACPs) with a polyethylene core of 30% or...

  2. Case Alert – Archie Battersbee

    2 August 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    Over the coming hours, in the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel London, a clinical team is preparing to withdraw life sustaining treatment from 12 year old Archie Battersbee, following a protracted legal battle and intense media attention. This is the...

  3. Liability issue ignited, despite criminal firestarter

    2 August 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    A plaintiff was awarded damages for severe burns sustained during a party on the defendants’ property in circumstances where criminal conduct was established.

  4. Cricket fans rest assured, the match might be a scorcher, but the stadium won’t be

    1 August 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Building Appeals Board of Victoria has handed down its determination of a compliance assessment for cladding installed at the Northern Stand of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The decision demonstrates a willingness by the Board to view cladding issues with an open mind and consider a...

  5. Teacher’s stressful cross-examination at trial found to be within the scope of employment

    1 August 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    A duty to report the sexual abuse of a disabled child resulted in a teacher being rigorously cross-examined at a criminal trial causing the teacher significant mental stress. This decision considers whether that mental stress was covered by the statutory worker’s compensation scheme in Tasmania.

  6. Questions to a Medical Panel - will the answer become a Quasi-Judicial Decision?

    1 August 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    This case involved the Tribunal determining that the questions asked of a medical panel were not medical in nature and said that a medical panel could not answer them. The Court of appeal said differently.

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