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  1. ‘Calvin’ up the inheritance

    12 October 2017 | Family Law

    In Calvin & McTier[1] the Full Court of the Family Court of Western Australia grappled with one central question: Should a significant inheritance received by one party long after the breakdown of the relationship be included in the property pool for...

  2. Dr Seuss on Separation & ADR

    14 September 2017 | Family Law

    So you have separated. Now, regarding all the matters arising out of your separation, do you: Negotiate? Mediate? Collaborate? Arbitrate? Conciliate? Or Litigate? Sounds rather like something out of Dr Seuss, doesn’t it? Separation after marriage or...

  3. Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Divorce Out of the Spotlight

    17 February 2017 | Family Law

    Recent news headlines have seen a number of high-profile entrepreneurs and business people going through the pain of a marriage in trouble. During my time working in London I frequently worked on similar high-profile divorce cases involving successful...

  4. Orders have issued… what happens when it all goes wrong?

    10 November 2016 | Family Law

    What happens when your Family Court orders don’t end up working the way you thought they would? Or if one of the parties later realises it was all a big mistake? Or if despite your best intentions, you later notice you made a calculation error when...

  5. Queensland Government takes unprecedented steps in new domestic violence legislation

    22 September 2016 | Family Law

    The Queensland Government has recently introduced to parliament the Domestic and Family Violence Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (Qld). This proposed legislation would significantly change Queensland’s current domestic violence...

  6. The reality of “going to court” – the alternatives

    2 March 2016 | Family Law

    The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court systems are significantly under-resourced, particularly the courts within south-east Queensland. Despite this, there is often a misconception amongst clients that they can just “go to court” and their...

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