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  1. Adjusting for Violence | Law Institute Journal, February 2018

    2 February 2018 | Family Law

    A recent decision has lowered some of the evidentiary barriers to obtain financial recompense for family violence in a family law matter. To read Will Stidston's and Elizabeth Mathews' full article, published in the February 2017 edition of the...

  2. What's mine is yours | Law Institute Journal, January 2017

    7 February 2017 | Family Law

    Practitioners must carefully consider the nature and extent of post-separation contributions and not place greater weight on those of a purely financial nature. To read Will Stidston's full article, published in the January 2017 edition of the Law...

  3. Beginning, middle or end – the Family Court carefully considers contributions

    15 September 2016 | Family Law

    The Full Court of the Family Court of Australia (the Full Court) has recently delivered three decisions considering contributions in financial cases – one relating to contributions made at the beginning of a relationship, one concerning...

  4. Severance of Joint Tenancies

    11 March 2015 | Family Law

    When parties in a relationship become estranged and are contemplating separation, it is important that consideration is given as to how the parties’ hold their interests in assets, such as bank accounts and the matrimonial home.

  5. Don’t worry – I bought that property in a trust … my ex won’t be able to touch it! Right or wrong?

    21 October 2014 | Family Law

    Is this what you think? Then you would be WRONG. When a married or de facto* couple separate, the question usually arises: “Who gets what?” Whether a couple has been together for 2 years or 22 years, a division of the property of the relationship will likely be relevant.