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  1. Same sex marriage – when ‘I do’ becomes ‘I don’t’

    10 May 2016 | Family Law

    While legislating for marriage equality may seem like a simple choice of “yes” or “no”, in Australia there are presently extraordinary problems that arise as a result of saying “I do”. In Australia,...

  2. Spousal maintenance - when will it end?

    15 February 2016 | Family Law

    A Court may order that a spouse pay their former partner maintenance following the breakdown of their relationship (or even during their marriage, if the parties are married), "spousal maintenance", where one party cannot provide for their own..

  3. What are the obligations of a step parent to a step child following separation?

    8 February 2016 | Family Law

    Re-partnership with children or adult children is often a relationship minefield. So what, if any, are your financial responsibilities as a step parent to your step children upon the breakdown of your “Brady Bunch”. A step parent is defined in

  4. So my spouse has gone bankrupt… what happens next?

    23 October 2015 | Family Law

    Since the Global Financial Crisis it has been increasingly common for parties involved in property settlement disputes to be fighting over property with a net negative value or, in extreme cases, for one party to be declared bankrupt. Despite common...

  5. Same sex marriage – de facto v matrimonial – what is all the fuss about?

    4 June 2015 | Family Law

    There has been a great deal of media attention on whether or not “it is time” to legislate for same sex marriage in Australia. If this legislation is enacted, what will be different for same sex couples who are married to those in de facto...

  6. Same sex marriage – is it time?

    4 June 2015 | Family Law

    The recent referendum on same sex marriage in Ireland has brought the issue to the fore again in Australia. There is now much speculation, fuelled by the introduction of the Marriage Amendment (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015 by Labor leader Bill Shorten on.

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