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  1. Financial advisor should have investigated plaintiff’s future needs

    4 June 2019 | Insurance & Health Law

    After being injured in a motor vehicle accident in 1997, and successfully recovering nearly $2 million in damages at trial, the plaintiff engaged the services of the defendant, a financial planner. After a series of investments and withdrawals, the value...

  2. Caring decisions: when doctors and parents disagree

    24 September 2018 | Insurance & Health Law

    The recent UK matter of Alfie Evans has brought into focus every parent’s worst nightmare – the decision to turn off a child’s life support. We look at the reasoning behind the UK Court’s decision to allow doctors to withdraw life...

  3. Protection from civil liability defence not available to Queensland State Government

    14 November 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    Statutory protection from civil liability for Queensland Ambulance Service does not extend to the State of Queensland. In Issue Whether the State of Queensland was a ‘prescribed entity’. Whether the State could rely upon the protection from...

  4. Coroner's Corner - Investigation into the death of Timothy John

    10 November 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    Champix Update: Could quitting smoking be dangerous for your health? Inquest Date: 29 September 2016; 21-22 November 2016 (delivered on 14 September 2017) Coroner: Mr John Hutton Place: Brisbane Date of Death: 17 April 2013 Issues for Consideration The...

  5. Host employer successfully relies on a contractual indemnity to recover from employer of injured worker

    22 June 2017 | Insurance & Health Law

    Contractual indemnity held to apply despite lapse of fixed term labour supply agreement and given a commercial as opposed to strict interpretation. In Issue Whether a contractual indemnity in an expired fixed term labour supply contract applied Proper...

  6. The correct approach to interpretation of contracts of insurance – a fundamental reminder

    24 March 2016 | Insurance & Health Law

    We review the judgment of the Full Federal Court of Australia in Todd v Alterra at Lloyds Ltd [2016] FCAFC 15. Background Mr Todd was an authorised representative of The Salisbury Group Pty Ltd (Sailsbury), which held an Australian Financial Services...

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