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  1. Separated and planning an overseas holiday? Here's what you need to know.

    19 September 2016 | Family Law

    Whether you have just separated or decided to separate, there are a few things you need to know before you start to plan an overseas Christmas vacation. The process, and corresponding timeframes, of negotiating property settlements, parenting arrangements...

  2. Vaccinating your child – when parents don’t agree

    3 May 2016 | Family Law

    Vaccination is a hot topic politically, but what happens when parents have different views with respect to the vaccination of their children? In situations where the dispute cannot be resolved, parents may make an Application to the Family Courts seeking...

  3. What are the obligations of a step parent to a step child following separation?

    8 February 2016 | Family Law
    Tags General

    Re-partnership with children or adult children is often a relationship minefield. So what, if any, are your financial responsibilities as a step parent to your step children upon the breakdown of your “Brady Bunch”. A step parent is defined in...

  4. At what age can a child tell the Court with whom he or she should live?

    19 November 2015 | Family Law

    Over the years I have been asked this question many times. Clients are often armed with the opinions and advice of friends, associates and relatives, who have suggested a child anywhere between the ages of 12-16 should have the choice and be able to make...

  5. Severance of Joint Tenancies

    11 March 2015 | Family Law

    When parties in a relationship become estranged and are contemplating separation, it is important that consideration is given as to how the parties’ hold their interests in assets, such as bank accounts and the matrimonial home.

  6. I’m planning my wedding but I am not yet divorced!

    7 November 2014 | Family Law

    There is often an expectation that obtaining a divorce is a simple and quick process which can occur as soon as you have separated from your spouse. This is not the case and before you start planning your next wedding in an exotic location you should familiarize yourself with the practicalities of...

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