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  1. 5 Tips For Finding the Right Family Lawyer

    5 May 2021 | Family Law

    Knowing where to go and what to look for in a family lawyer can be overwhelming, especially at such a difficult time in your life. Keep in mind that you will have to discuss some very personal issues including your children, your assets, and your financial circumstances, so finding a lawyer you feel...

  2. Is there any relief in sight for the family law system?

    18 July 2019 | Family Law
    Tags General

    Australian families deserve an effective and responsive family court system. Whether that can be achieved by the reform of the current federal family court system, or the establishment of state and territory family courts as has been recommended by the...

  3. Social media in the family law sphere: friend or foe?

    19 November 2012 | Family Law
    Tags General

    The complexities of family law cases have never been more obvious than in the context of widespread use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

  4. Family Law Amendment Bill a step in the right direction and hopefully the first step in further reforms

    4 March 2011 | Family Law
    Tags General

    The Family Law Section of the Law Council, chaired by Geoff Sinclair, recently published its response to the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2010. The Bill was tabled by government in an effort to respond to recent reports into the 2006 Family Law Reforms and how the family law system...

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