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  1. Who is a parent?

    5 August 2019 | Family Law

    Scientific advancements in assisted reproduction, increased availability of donor material and growing cultural acceptance of surrogacy and artificial conception means that the definition of family, or who is a parent, is evolving very rapidly, but has...

  2. If you think your ex-spouse is a louse, think twice before telling your friends on Facebook…

    19 July 2019 | Family Law

    The law on defamation arising from posts on social media platforms such as Facebook continues to expand as the law catches up with how society is using social media. The takeaway for litigants in family law is not to post anything on social media about an...

  3. What’s Yours is Mine Part II

    28 May 2019 | Family Law

    In an earlier article we wrote about the Full Court of the Family Court’s decision in Tomaras & Tomaras & Anor and Commissioner of Taxation[1]. In that decision the Full Court concluded that one spouse could be substituted for another in...

  4. What’s Yours is Mine

    24 November 2017 | Family Law

    In the decision of Tomaras & Tomaras & Anor and Commissioner of Taxation (2017) FamCAFC 216, the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia answered a stated case as to whether s.90AE of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (the Act) was binding on the...

  5. What constitutes a parent?

    16 October 2014 | Family Law

    The term “parent” is not defined in the Family Law Act, except to define that an adoptive parent is considered a parent for the purposes of the Act (s.4). Who is a parent then?

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