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  1. Why are damages sofa apart?

    4 May 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Plaintiff alleged that he injured his back whilst moving a large sofa which subsequently led to him suffering a serious psychiatric illness. Although the parties agreed that the Plaintiff was entitled to damages, their respective assessments differed significantly.

  2. Worker successfully claims compensation for permanent impairment resulting from injuries sustained in multiple workplace incidents

    30 April 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Court of Appeal found that a worker’s injuries which occurred in the course of three separate workplace incidents could all be considered as having resulted from the initial incident and therefore could be combined together for the purposes of assessing the worker’s whole person impairment....

  3. Employer liable for injuries caused by raging bull

    6 April 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Western Australia Court of Appeal recently determined that an employer who operated a stock transporting business was liable for personal injuries sustained by a worker when attempting to unload cattle from a road train.

  4. Transfer of Proceedings & Jurisdiction – monetary limits not the only deciding factor

    10 March 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    A recent decision by His Honour Justice Crow in the Rockhampton Supreme Court involving an application by the Defendant in a workers’ compensation claim to have the matter transferred from the Supreme Court of Rockhampton to the District Court at Rockhampton.

  5. Queensland Industrial Relations Commission confirms scope of jurisdiction

    10 March 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission recently delivered a decision which looked at the scope of its jurisdiction in circumstances where new issues are identified and raised by parties on appeal.

  6. Tribunal finds injury to ‘on-call’ worker whilst walking his dog to have occurred ‘in the course of his employment’

    10 March 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Chief Commissioner of the Workers Compensation Tribunal finds in favour of a worker who was on-call at the time he sustained an injury to his left leg whilst walking his dog.

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