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  1. Episode 18: The COVID-19 Vaccination with Dr Lai Heng Foong

    18 May 2021 | Insurance & Health Law

    As we continue to witness the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, especially across countries like the UK, the US and of course, the devastating effect its having on India, the development and implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination has...

  2. Episode 17: COVID, mental health and the rise of telehealth with Dr Erika Penney

    14 December 2020 | Insurance & Health Law

    If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of having the necessary infrastructure in place to allow us the ability to pick up the phone and get the health and medical assistance we require. This includes mental health support....

  3. The Checkup Episode 16: Cultural and Legal Issues in Indigenous Health with Avelina Tarrago

    7 October 2020 | Insurance & Health Law

    Since the Closing the Gap initiative began 10 years ago, some progress has been made to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. But there is still work to be done in achieving equity in Indigenous health. In this episode,...

  4. The Checkup Episode 15: A Climate Change Emergency with Dr Lai Heng Foong

    25 June 2020 | Insurance & Health Law

    Whilst COVID-19 caused incredible loss, fear and panic around the world, there was a silver lining to the pandemic – a rejuvenation of our environment. With the world in lockdown and an unprecedented downturn in manufacturing, there has since been...

  5. The Checkup Episode 13: Professional burnout – building resilience and finding your way back with Chelsea Pottenger

    11 February 2020 | Insurance & Health Law

    The health care environment – with its heavy workloads, demanding pace and significant time pressures – can put practitioners at a high risk of burnout. In this episode, BN's Sam Pillay and Katrina Mawer discuss biohacking, resilience and...

  6. The Checkup Episode 12: Superbugs and antimicrobial resistance, and why it’s everyone’s problem!

    18 November 2019 | Insurance & Health Law

    World Antibiotic Week runs from 18 to 24 November 2019, aiming to draw attention to the effective use of antibiotics (a type of antimicrobial) in preventing and containing antimicrobial resistance. With World Antibiotic Week in mind, in this episode of...

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