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  1. Separation and divorce - Splitting assets and spousal maintenance

    11 May 2022 | Family Law

    When it comes to sorting out how you would like to divide your assets and support yourself following the breakdown of your relationship, remember there is a distinction between property settlement orders and spousal maintenance orders. Notwithstanding your intentions, your ultimate obligations under...

  2. Tell me about maintenance

    23 July 2021 | Family Law

    At the end of a marriage or de facto relationship it is not uncommon for parties to consider whether they may be eligible to receive maintenance to support themselves. In this article we explain the obligation for a person to financially support their...

  3. Clayton v Bant – An Update

    3 December 2020 | Family Law

    On 2 December 2020, the High Court of Australia (the High Court) delivered its judgment in the matter of Clayton v Bant.1 The High Court’s decision discusses the complexities that can arise in cross-jurisdictional family law matters. It also serves...

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