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  1. The million-dollar collision: Triathlon organiser liable for personal injuries sustained by participant

    29 June 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    The Supreme Court of Queensland recently awarded damages in the amount of $1,062,351.20 to a plaintiff in relation to a claim for damages brought against a triathlon event operator and organiser.

  2. Still glaringly obvious – no liability for cyclist collision with poorly lit barricade

    30 May 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    The New South Wales District Court recently found a construction company was not liable for failing to illuminate a barricade erected for its building works, which a cyclist collided with at night.

  3. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye: school liable for misbehaving student’s injuries despite obvious risk

    27 May 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    The 16-year-old plaintiff and his classmates engaged in a game that involved throwing laptop stands at each other during a class. The teacher reprimanded the students, removed the laptop stands from their possession, and sent one student outside. When the teacher left the room to speak to the...

  4. The David v Goliath Battle for a Good Night's Sleep

    11 April 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    Balls Hills Wind Farm Pty Ltd, which operated turbines at night, failed to take steps to mitigate the production of noise, and lost a David v Goliath battle costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and resulting in injunctions being enforced against them to restrict the production of noise.

  5. Plaintiff’s grape expectations go unfulfilled

    7 April 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    A major supermarket operator has successfully defended a negligence claim from a plaintiff who slipped on a grape.

  6. Principal contractor liable to independent contractor’s employee for failing to co-ordinate activities at a construction site

    14 February 2022 | Insurance & Health Law

    A worker has been successful in his claim for damages against both his employer and the principal contractor in the District Court of WA. This case explores the scope of duty of care of a principal contractor to an independent contractor’s employee and also apportionment of liability between a...

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