Defamation Defamation

Matter Examples



We defended a claim by a council volunteer alleging that the CEO and the council defamed him in correspondence sent to the management of a Friends group, which addressed the volunteer’s conduct towards council staff members. The claim was resolved for a nominal amount prior to a mediation.



We advised a church facing a claim brought by one of its members alleging defamation by senior members of the church. After we provided a response to the claimant, no further action was taken against the church.



We defended a defamation claim brought against a law firm. By quickly and efficiently establishing the extent of the client’s liability exposure, we were able to reach a confidential settlement before the commencement of proceedings. This resulted in a substantial saving in legal fees for the client and avoided the dispute attracting publicity.



We defended a defamation claim brought against a local council by a former employed auditor. By mounting a strong defence to the claim, we achieved a favourable settlement at mediation that ensured our client avoided the costs associated with proceeding to trial.

We defended a defamation action against a local government councillor involving the publication of a pamphlet that referred to the council’s CEO. The pamphlet was distributed to council employees at a union meeting. We resolved the claim at mediation.

We acted for a local government councillor following statements made to the media about a fellow councillor. We resolved the claim prior to litigation being commenced.

We assisted a mayor of a local council facing a claim that he had defamed a resident in two Facebook posts and in comments made to the media that were reported on by The Herald Sun. We achieved a favourable resolution of this matter during pre-litigation negotiations.



A media personality alleged that he was defamed by three authors of an academic journal and book that commented on the authors’ research findings on cultural issues in sport. We resolved the matter on favourable terms during pre-litigation negotiations.



We assisted a public relations company with responding to a ‘concerns notice’ under the Defamation Act 2005 (Vic) regarding a media release they issued to various media outlets for one of their clients.



We defended a defamation claim brought against a member of a residential community organisation by a property developer. By managing the claim carefully and sensitively, we persuaded the plaintiff to discontinue their claim without the need to make any claim payment.



We acted for a principal of a school following the submission of a report to a teaching agency regarding an emergency teacher. The claim was resolved for a nominal amount prior to litigation being commenced.


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