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  1. Walk this way – Court of Appeal rules on obvious risk

    15 August 2019 | State & Local Authorities

    “Occupiers are entitled to assume that people will take care not to trip on the multitude of obstacles, both large and small, that are likely to be in their paths in walking from one place to another.” In the recent case of Council of City of...

  2. Case Collective | July 2019

    24 July 2019 | Case Collective eNewsletters

  3. Case Collective | June 2019

    24 July 2019 | Case Collective eNewsletters

  4. Disregard of employee safety warnings results in significant liability for employer and contractors

    22 July 2019 | Employer's Liability

    This case looks at the liability of a principal contractor, employer subcontractor and project manager/site supervisor for injuries caused by collapse of excavation trench onto foreman. In Issue Whether an employer, principal contractor, and project...

  5. Recreational activities don’t always require physical exertion and skill

    22 July 2019 | Sport & Recreational Activities

    A greyhound racing club has successfully defended a claim by a greyhound trainer, who sustained injuries when he was asked by a committee member of the club to operate the catching pen gate during two races. The Greyhound Racing Club successfully raised...

  6. Hyperlink at your own peril

    18 July 2019 | Defamation

    The case concerns an appeal brought by Ms Katrina Bailey, who was found liable for the defamation of David Bottrill by placing a functioning hyperlink on her Facebook page which connected recipients to a YouTube page plainly defamatory of Mr Bottrill. In...

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