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Don Leembruggen

Don leads the firm as Managing Partner and oversees all aspects of running the firm.

Don is also an accomplished family lawyer and was named one of Brisbane's most influential lawyers (Brisbane Lawyer magazine). Don's confidence in his ability and his determination to achieve the best outcome for his clients creates a positive experience for everyone involved.

Don's passion for Family Law is evident in his commitment to the profession as chairman of the Queensland Law Society's Family Law Specialist Accreditation Committee and his title of Accredited Family Law Specialist. His impressive family law experience extends to include skills as a qualified mediator and arbitrator.

Don’s dedication to excelling in his chosen field has encouraged him to set up a Family Law Blog so that our B.N. contacts and clients can stay informed and connected with changes in Family Law. Don’s knowledge and impressive reputation means he is often called upon to lecture and present to fellow family law practitioners as well as contribute to industry leading publications.

Don’s strategic edge has lead him to be quoted as “….the man they call when Brisbane’s powerbrokers run into marital difficulties.” Don has been named in the Brisbane Doyle's Guide in 2015 and again in 2016 as a leading family and divorce lawyer. He has been described as “always a worthy opponent” and someone who “strategises very well”.

With the Barry.Nilsson. team of leading family law practitioners and our strategy focussed on you and your matter we can deliver you a highly capable and sophisticated service.

Family Law - Accredited Specialist


Managing Partner

Managing Partner

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