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  1. Need a ‘clean break’? Reviewing the financial relationship between former spouses

    24 March 2017 | Family Law

    Family Court of Australia discharges overseas spouse and child maintenance orders to end financial obligations between former spouses once and for all in matter of Naczek v Dowler [2017] FAMCA 105 In this February 2017 decision involving the variation of.

  2. New notification? Using social media to serve Court proceedings

    21 February 2017 | Family Law

    It is not uncommon for practitioners and litigants to encounter difficulty serving Court proceedings. Quite frequently a recipient will actively avoid service or simply cannot be located. In these circumstances, practitioners and litigants may give...

  3. Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Divorce Out of the Spotlight

    17 February 2017 | Family Law

    Recent news headlines have seen a number of high-profile entrepreneurs and business people going through the pain of a marriage in trouble. During my time working in London I frequently worked on similar high-profile divorce cases involving successful...

  4. What's mine is yours | Law Institute Journal, January 2017

    7 February 2017 | Family Law

    Practitioners must carefully consider the nature and extent of post-separation contributions and not place greater weight on those of a purely financial nature. To read Will Stidston's full article, published in the January 2017 edition of the Law...

  5. Family law issues facing schools

    23 November 2016 | Family Law

    Schools often find themselves caught in the cross-fire between warring parents in conflict with one another with respect to their school-aged children. Common queries we receive from parents and/or schools are as follows: What is the typical process in...

  6. White Ribbon Breakfast 2016

    22 November 2016 | Family Law

    For the second consecutive year, Barry.Nilsson. has sponsored a table at the White Ribbon Breakfast for the Legal Profession held last Thursday at City Hall in Brisbane. This event, being held for the fourth time, is held in support of the abolition of...

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